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Mr. Li Coffee is the president of UCYC. As a Cleveland native, Li dedicated himself to the lighting industry after graduating from the university in Ohio, U. S. A. He has participated in a corporate strategy research project of Weatherhead Business School in Case Western Reserve University. With his over 10 years of multidisciplinary experience in product management and marketing, Li's marketing activities including market trends competitive analysis, business development, product roadmaps, sales support, and marketing communication. Li Coffee is also a Manager of an international traveling company which is to promote business and attracts people to invest in the USA. He is developing investment in the USA, to bring more cooperation to this great country. Currently, UCYC is working with NBA, focus on the development of international basketball. “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” By Bill Gates. Mr. Li wants to make the world a better place, to actually think about the power of caring. Thus, he believes that UCYC aims to promote the exchanges between young people in China and the United States in the fields of education, sports, and culture, to convey humanistic care, to help young people grow healthily and to develop in an all-around way.

Li Coffee

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