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前NBA球员Tim Ohlbrecht与UCYC合作&招募赞助

Tim Ohlbrecht 10岁在他的家乡德国伍珀塔尔开始打篮球。不久之后,当地教练注意到他的篮球潜力。13岁时,他已经在为很多球队效力!那时候他还参加了青年国家队,并且多年来一直是首发五人之一。他曾参加过欧洲锦标赛和世界锦标赛,许多人开始注意到这位年轻即将带来的荣耀。在16岁,Tim Ohlbrecht与Bayer Giants Leverkusen(德国BBL)签订了他的第一份职业合同。此时的他篮球生涯起飞,仅仅在作为职业球员打了两年后,就凭借EuroLeage队的Brose Bamberg(德国BBL)赢得了第一个德国冠军。蒂姆在帮助球队赢得如此抢手的冠军头衔方面发挥了重要作用。由于他早期的职业成功,蒂姆被邀请参加德国男子国家队的名单,并组建了这支队伍,前往中国参加2008年北京奥运会。他为自己的国家总共参加了84场比赛,其中有2次欧洲锦标赛和一次世界杯,曾获得过全明星殊荣,并在1年后赢得了冠军杯。他不仅改变了球队,更在德国BBL中被提名为全明星2次。

Tim Ohlbrecht started playing basketball in his hometown of Wuppertal, Germany at the tender age of 10. It was soon after that, that local coaches started to notice his basketball potential. By 13 years old he was already playing for a first division team! At that time he also qualified for the youth national team and was apart of the starting 5 for many years; where he played in European Championships and World Championships. After such a lucrative start in his teens, many began to catch wave of this young and upcoming sensation. It was then, at the age of 16, Tim Ohlbrecht signed his first professional contract with Bayer Giants Leverkusen (German BBL). His basketball career took off and only after 2 years of playing as a professional he won his first German Championship with EuroLeage team Brose Bamberg (German BBL). Tim played an imperative role in helping his team earn the so sought after title. Because of his early professional success, Tim was invited to compete for a roster spot in the German Men’s National Team. He made the team and was on his way to China to play in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He played a total of 84 games for his country and participated in 2 European Championship Tournaments and one World Cup, where he was also named an All Star and won the Champions Cup 1 year later. Although he changed teams, Tim went on to be nominated as an All Star 2 more times in his German BBL.

从BBL取得了很大的成功,蒂姆知道现在是时候面对更大的挑战,所以他前往美国进入NBA G联赛选秀(也称为NBA发展联盟)。在RGV毒蛇队的第一年,休斯敦火箭队的联赛球队取得了巨大的成功。蒂姆管理的每场比赛都有很好的成绩,甚至多达29分和20个篮板!他再次被选为全明星,并帮助球队赢得总冠军。休斯敦火箭队因此给了他的第一份NBA合同!梦想成真!蒂姆是当时第四个成为NBA球员的德国人!

With much success in the BBL, Tim knew it was time to face bigger challenges, so he made his way to America to enter the NBA G-league draft (also known as the NBA Development League.) His first year with the RGV Vipers (A Houston Rockets Affiliate team) was a huge success. Tim managed put up huge numbers per game, even as much as 29 points and 20 rebounds! He was once again voted as an All Star, & helped the team to win a championship. The Houston Rockets took note of Tim’s determination and will to win and soon his first NBA contract was signed! It was a dream that came true, and although it was for only a short while, there were not many German professional basketball players who could say that they were once apart of the NBA. Tim was the fourth German at that time to become an NBA player! 

之后的第二年,当他为Fort Wayne Mad Ants效力时(印第安纳步行者,底特律活塞队,Milkwaukee雄鹿队和夏洛特山猫队的联盟球队)。根据他的要求,蒂姆在赛季中期被交易到了疯狂蚂蚁队,并且在他加入球队名单后他们从未输过一场比赛。他帮助球队在整个联盟中取得连胜,在季后赛中也从未输过一场比赛!同时,蒂姆是第一个在NBA联盟中赢得两次背靠背冠军的球员!在后来的职业生涯中,蒂姆继续获得德国和VTB联赛(主要在俄罗斯)进行比赛的最高荣誉。

Tim found himself back in the NBA G-League the following year. He never let minor setbacks consume what his true goal was... to win! No matter where he was, or who he played for, the final outcome was to always win... and he did just that when he played for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants (An affiliate team to the Indiana Pacers, Detroit Piston, Milkwaukee Bucks, & Charlotte Bobcats). Tim was traded to The Mad Ants mid season, per his request, and they never lost a game after he joined their roster. He helped their team accomplish a winning streak in the entire league and never lost a game in the playoffs! And if that wasn’t enough, Tim was the first player to win 2 back-to-back championships in the NBA G-League. After contemplating his next career move, Tim went on to earn top contracts to play back in Germany, as well as the VTB League (which is mostly based in Russia). 

篮球已经把蒂姆带到世界各地。最近,Tim与Shooting For Success(总部设在美国)合作,帮助指导和激励年轻有抱负的运动员。蒂姆正在利用他的所有经验和知识来帮助塑造今天的年轻人,不仅仅是关于篮球,而是关于核心价值观以及如何在球场内外进行训练。

Basketball has taken Tim all over the world . And as of recently, Tim has teamed up with Shooting For Success (based in America) to help mentor and inspire young aspiring athletes. Tim is using all of his experience & knowledge to help shape today’s youth, not only about basketball but about core values and how to conduct yourself on and off the court.


• 2006 Top Rebounder U18- European Championship Greece (13 Rpg)

• 2007 Championship with Brose Baskets Bamberg (German BBL)

• 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing (German National Team)

• 2009 Starting 5 All Star (German BBL)

• 2010 Starting 5 All Star (German BBL)

• 2013 All Star Game (NBA G-League)

• 2013 Championship with RGV Vipers (NBA G-League)

• 2013 All NBA G League Second Team

• 2014 Championship with Fort Wayne Mad Ants (NBA G-League)

• 2015 Starting 5 All Star (German BBL)

• 2015 All German League Second Team

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