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Forty visitors represented the CRRC Company of Beijing visited PARMA Company

The visitors came from the University of Nottingham China Campus and the CRRC Company of Beijing, which is the largest transportation equipment manufacturer and the world's largest maker of electric locomotives. The group visited several major U.S. manufacturers including Boeing, Volkswagen, GE, Timken, GM and AMTRAK. CRRC is state owned and is looking to expand its locomotive and rail-car business into North America. Recent business deals have been finalized with the Chicago Transit Authority and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The Cleveland end of the trip also included a trip to Progressive Field as they watched the Indians defeat the Yankees Sunday afternoon. “We are grateful for this opportunity,” said Su He, the executive director of the Greater Cleveland Chinese Chamber of Commerce who helped coordinate the visit. “We also want to thank all the Parma employees who helped with the tour and answered our questions. The Cleveland region should be proud to have this great operation as a part of this community.”
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